2 comments on “Mostly stellar weekend

  1. Okay – I know I am way behind in commenting on this but I am having a slack day at work and am going back through the blogs of a few "neighbours" . Are you a telescope operator? I saw in a later post that you work in a library so I am now confused … (it doesn't help that I am blonde!).

  2. Wow! You are behind on your commenting! Nice to sit back and peruse all those old posts, though, isn't it? I get paid for doing I.T. work at a public library. I volunteer as curator/director of a small college observatory which has as its primary instrument a wondrous century-old 9-inch refractor telescope. The observatory work isn't paid but it's still work sometimes, even if it's done for the love of it. So both answers are actually correct! Now, do you really think you had a "blonde moment?" — JamesG

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