4 comments on “One sees only just so many comets

  1. There are good spotting charts at Spaceweather.com, SkyAndTelescope.com, and Astronomy.com. The comet is "low" in Perseus but, of course, rises as the night progresses. My own view to the northeast is not so good, either, but at 11 PM Holmes was well above neighboring houses and trees — even got a peek at Mars just above the horizon! Anyway, if you know the sky at all you'll have no trouble spotting this one especially if you use binoculars. — JG

  2. Hi Jeff. I can't make out enough of the sky to tell exactly what you've got there. If you were facing east or northeast (not northwest) you may very well have caught Mars rising, say at about 11:00 PM Sunday. A little farther to the south red giant Betelgeuse was rising – a "shoulder" in the constellation Orion. Judging by the angle of the lens flare, however, I'm thinking you were looking east and got Mars. Glad you got out to enjoy the night! — JG

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