4 comments on “Wow! What a night!

  1. Yeah. I took many peeks through the eyepiece over the evening and watched viewing vary between fair and poor. People get so excited over the prospect of seeing Mars. Several asked me if we should be able to see craters! I said no, but to let me know if they saw somebody waving. I wished they could have seen the Orion Nebula because it was so beautiful and I'm sure it would have been more impressive than Mars. Then again I'd never had gotten the press coverage or the turnout if that cloud of gas was the only item on the menu! I just hope those many folks weren't so disappointed they won't come back in future to see nebulae and planets we can show well!

  2. Yeah, everyone from the Physics Chair to the newspaper reporter who wrote the story was saying "wow!" I still find it hard to believe and I was there doing my best to keep everything running smoothly and keeping a count. The actual attendance was likely closer to 200 but I can vouch for 184+. It was certainly an unexpected and exciting evening and most people seemed to enjoy it, even though the view may have been disappointing. — J.

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