4 comments on “Bye-bye DirecTV!

  1. Ha! sounds like our experiences with Comcast! The astro-dweeb got so frustrated the other night that he sent an email to their corporate office. Next day we got a call from their office – though of course we were at work – today I came home to find another message from them. In his email astro-dweeb told them that as soon as Verizon has fibre optic in our neighbourhood we are out of Comcast. Comcast are losing out big time to Verizon. Good luck!

  2. I don't really know how Covad or AT&T does things, but when Verizon customers are switching to another service, it's called a 'hot cut', and they have a certain time period in which to disconnect you, or they get in real trouble over it. My mother works for Verizon, and she has a 3:00 pm deadline, or she gets … in trouble. That's all I'll say on that. It has to be done at the Central Office (which is where she works) that your phone line comes out of. They know what they're doing, and they need to do it faster.

  3. Hey Miyna!I guess it's fairly prompt when it is AT&T being asked to disconnect their own service but, in this case, it's me asking EarthLink, asking Covad possibly asking AT&T to make the cut. Maybe not so fast. Then again, I came home after making my Vox post from the office to find that the DSL light on my DSL "modem" was dark. I also don't hear the "roar" of the DSL signal on an unfiltered telephone line! Maybe it has been disconnected today after all and it's just the paperwork that will take time. Hmmmm…..

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