4 comments on “Mars always takes preparation

  1. Good luck tomorrow. Hope the talk goes really well and that there is a good turnout for you. Hopefully you get a bit of post-talk stargazing …

  2. Thanks for the good wishes, Emjay! The park folk tell me 39 people have registered for the program; we'll see how many actually show up. Observing conditions are expected to be poor but a couple of guys from the astronomy club will be showing up with telescopes should any stars or planets actually be visible! I'm really looking forward to this. — JG

  3. Actually when a club officer came up with the title for the talk, he was thinking of the email that (at least) annually goes around… the one that says that on August 27 Mars will be as big and bright as the full Moon! In the talk I also covered early misconceptions or "mythunderstandings" such as the canals and seasonal changes some early astronomers thought they saw, and the infamous "face" on Mars. Strung throughout the presentation were facts and images of real features and observations of the planet. The talk was well-received and I had a great time doing it. — JG

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