4 comments on “Not a bad Saturday night!

  1. Not surprised your talk went so well. I know you would be ultra prepared and knowledgeable on your subject. You would also excel at making the subject interesting and varied. Congratulations! You are a "star!" ~S

  2. Congratulations! I'm glad that your talk went well and also that you were able to set up a telescope to look at Mars and the nebula. A nice way to spend an evening. It is hard for people to understand the concept of "seeing" isn't it – especially when the night looks clear. When I first started going out with the astro-dweeb I had no idea what he was talking about.

  3. Thanks! I think I am most concerned about those who look through the eyepiece and silently shrug and walk off. So I'll often apologize as they are looking explaining the seeing conditions. Still, others get the concept they are seeing another world tens of millions of miles (or more) distant and are thrilled at the concept. — JG

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