6 comments on “Testing astro camera rig

  1. James, great photos. I'm amazed they came from a 1.3MP camera. I hope it will be clear skies on the 20th for both (or at least one) of us for the eclipse. I took some photos of the last one but wasn't super happy with them. Hopefully this time around will be better.

  2. Thanks for the compliment! The finished images looked very good but, while the CoffeeCup Webcam software had some useful features, the live, on-screen views of the Moon were difficult to judge. I also had no brightness, contrast, or shutter speed control over the camera. I'm not sure if that was the demo mode for the software or missing features.Weather forecast here is not promising. I think we'll miss this eclipse and that's really a pity; it will be well-placed in the sky and at a decent hour for the majority of North Americans to be able to see it!Good luck to you! — JG

  3. I thought you might pick up on the Australian connection. Actually Mogg was the only manufacturer of webcam/photo lens adapters I could find! The item I received via international post was of excellent quality –I couldn't ask for better– and works with both my older model webcam and a newer one in case I want to do more with it. By the way, I enjoyed your recent missive on the Queen's English vs. the American version! — JG

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