5 comments on “A busy, snowy day

  1. I knew you'd get clobbered! Wow! We had plenty ourselves but nothing compared to you. We are getting the drifting now as well.Your dinner sounds very nice. Can I come?The Simpson's Movie is really quite brilliant, innit?

  2. Wow! That looks a lot of digging to free the car! Do you know, American snow is even nicer to look at from over here in the Southern Hemisphere!

  3. We saw The Simpsons, I think, on my birthday. In the theatre, anyway. I liked it but She liked it a lot — so when the disc came out She actually bought it! Dinner's gone… sorry! But the Ravenswood may be uncorked later. — JG

  4. Yeah, yeah… rub it in! I'm jealous enough of those warm clear waters you keep picturing in your blog! And I'll just bet you're sipping fine Aussie Shiraz whilst lolling about in the soft evening air at some outdoor bistro. Sheesh! — JG

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