3 comments on “Tough old birds and little plants

  1. I watched the bit about Hinkley on the CBS Sunday Morning Show as well. "Some people think they've seen Elvis, but it's just mistaken identity!" Ha, ha, ha. To tell the truth… we usually see buzzards here a good week before their official return date. I always figured they were the advance "scouts" sorting out the best road kill spots!

  2. I hope you do capture those vultures on "film" – sounds an impressive sight.Plants can be amazing. I love the CBS Sunday Morning Show …. aimed at a certain aged demographic – even their reporters are "older" – love that fact.

  3. I've only seen the vultures basking once … ever! Still, that will be a great shot to get! As to CBS Sunday Morning, I've been watching it for many, many years. It's not so much the age of the reporters as the sophisticated nature of their work. The subject matter also tends to be more positive and quieter in its presentation. It "feels" a lot like reading the features section of a newspaper on a quiet Sunday morning! — JG

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