3 comments on “Vox Hunt: New Coke!

  1. I have never heard of Postum and must say that the name would not have enticed me to try it. Did it taste like coffee or like cereal?

  2. I think it probably tastes something like coffee — that kind of burnt grain flavor — it smelled that way to me. But I don't know since I never drank it. I was interested, however, to learn that C.W. Post founded his Post Cereal company on the creation of Postum. Early TV jingles, by the way, were very effective. I still remember some from childhood (some time in the last century) including:Any kind of cereal is fine with me,As long as you spell it P-O-S-T,'Cause all Post cereals happen to be,Just a little bit better,(And much more wholesome)Than any other cereals happen to be.

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