4 comments on “It’s been a long road…

  1. Yeah, it was an amazing time. Seems pretty tame, in many ways, since then. I've really got to dig out and digitally scan the negatives from the stills I shot of Apollo 14.

  2. That sounds like a fabulous experience. We were invited to the Messenger mission to Mercury launch but something happened with either the launch date or my husband's schedule and we did not get to go. I was really disappointed, so thank you for sharing this launch.

  3. If only I could share the experience. The Saturn V was a goliath and I doubt there's anything this side of Russia that could look, sound, or feel the way it did at launch. Still, I'd love to see another launch and I'm certain Messenger's Delta II rocket with its array of strap-on solid boosters put on quite the show! Sorry you couldn't make it! — JG

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