4 comments on “Buzzards and blooms on a very good morning

  1. Those "carrion eating" birds are awesome! Love the gliding photo – a magnificent looking bird! The water of the lake looks great – lucky to find some red canoes! My grandfather was a professional photographer and he always had some red things in the boot of his car to prop up his photos!

  2. I love watching soaring birds such as hawks and vultures in flight. The turkey vultures are particularly impressive because of the shear size of their wing span. Being able to see them fairly close up was wonderful. I'd still like to photograph the buzzards basking in the early morning with them backlit by hazy sunlight –the way I saw them a year or so ago– but they apparently move around night to night. I'll get 'em some day!Hinckley Lake is a good one for canoing and kayaking though not very large. The lake is small, and surrounded by woodland so the water is never very rough. The water is also shallow so ducks and geese are there in good numbers as are another of my favorites, the great blue heron. Great blues are amazing to see flying and fishing — they look truly prehistoric. Images of boats hauled out of the water and laying on the shore are classic (some might say overdone) but I love those pictures anyway and I finally got a halfway decent one of my own!

  3. Really beautiful photos! Wow! The lake looks like glass and the birds are awesome. I would like to see a buzzard land on a branch and crash to the ground! That would be so interesting to see. They are really huge birds.

  4. Thanks for the compliments! I am so very happy with the photos, in general. The results give me a little more faith in the Tamron zoom lens though, if I could afford them, I think I'd rather have a small collection of Canon "L" series lenses. I'm really feeling like getting out and doing more photography these days and getting some of the best images printed. I like posting stuff online but also enjoy putting it on the wall. Just old fashioned, I guess.Branches weren't the only things the buzzards sent dropping to the ground. For more than one reason I was happy to not be directly under the flock!

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