3 comments on “Cats, bats, and bikes

  1. Too bad for poor Tasha!Remember when we replaced our van engine? You certainly don't want that! ($4000)As pathetic as you think you are, I'm quite certain I would not be able to bicycle more than 5 miles. I knew your new bike LOOKED fast, but 65 mph whilst stationary? Wow! That must be some sort of new record! Perhaps it was making time! I'm always trying to do that. I'll have to try Quizno's and see if it can help me in my quest.

  2. LOL@ cool photo gets away!! I have yet to have my first ride of the season. My bike is inside – leaning against the wine shelves actually ……. perhaps I am distracted by the wine each time I go to pump its tyres up! I ride like Mary Poppins so I doubt I could get anywhere near 65mph.

  3. When not in use, our bicycles hang from the basement ceiling by their rear wheels. A bit like bats, actually. Making this whole thing come full-circle. As to wine and cycling… that sounds interesting. Perhaps I'll try standing and looking at my hanging bicycle whilst sipping a nice glass of wine. What goes with a Quizno's sub, anyway?

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