5 comments on “Holiday Inn “Howie”

  1. Very awesome news. He is very beautiful and now will hopefully find a nice home, INDOORS! Good on you for helping him!

  2. I am so happy that the good folks down in Cinci were able to help this cat. He was obviously cared for at one time and was lost. My wishes are with him to find a new loving home and, though he is in-between right now, I'm sure his chances are better now than they were.

  3. I'm glad to hear your experiences with the vet have been good. Howie was checked out from his stay there on Saturday. The most recent report from his foster home is that he is adapting well to his new environment except that he does not like being held. If I'd just been through what he'd been through, I doubt I'd feel like being held either! At any rate he is now or soon will be up for adoption as an indoor house cat. Still hoping for the best….

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