3 comments on “Eight things about me

  1. Bravo! I especially agree with comments #6 & #7. Well stated, as usual. You do have me curious about #1 though….

  2. Thank you for "playing" along even if you were not entirely comfortable doing it. My ex-husband was a member of Mensa – hope you are easier to live with – :-). I totally agree with # 7 – what a shame we don't devote the same number of hours to those who achieve in science and medicine etc. If you were rich and ate that much candy you might well need some of that medical research!

  3. Ah Mensans! Many, maybe most, were perfectly nice people who enjoyed puzzles, word play, and other interesting pursuits. Then some, well, they may not have been celebrities but they certainly were snotty. I hope I am not counted amongst the latter of those two categories. I'm sometimes faulted for asking for clarifications when spoken to… I see multiple possible meanings in what was said to me so I want to be sure I understand! Hard to live with? I'm not sure how She Who Must Be Obeyed would respond… maybe she would say, "sometimes!"

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