2 comments on “The digits fizzle away

  1. After each one of our trips I choose 200 photos to print – the old fashioned way. I then put them in an album with everything neatly labelled. I suppose I hope someone will be interested enough one day to care for them. I also put every trip onto a CD and file in a display folder.

  2. You are so organized and disciplined! By now you must have a bookcase full of beautifully organized photo albums. I've got my digital images saved and backed up — some attached to blogs, etc. I have no albums at all. And while She has a photo printer, I don't. Thinkin' about it, though! Sometimes I miss my old darkroom. There was magic in watching an image gradually appear on a blank sheet of paper –when it was paper– then washed and dried like a garment. Even then, however, I thought about all the water wasted and the strong chemicals flushed down the drain. Digital's likely cleaner and definitely more convenient but it has its drawbacks.

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