4 comments on “Great day for a safari

  1. Having those noisy little rainbows fluttering around you is quite the experience. I've never fed them but enjoy watching others do that. The elephants were fairly active during our visit and especially the one pictured. Earlier it picked up a rather sizable chunk of tree branch, rubbed it against its head, let go of the piece and balanced it for a moment, then let it slide off to the ground. That's the shot that got away! — JG

  2. You have found a beautiful rainbow lorikeet! They used to come and sit on my balcony railing in Sydney. They are quite noisy when in a group but they can become quite tame. Elephants always look a bit muddy to me!

  3. I really enjoy being in the enclosure with the lorikeets. They're so very beautiful and fun to watch. The caged lorikeets have been around so many people now that they readily feed from handheld "nectar" cups, often landing on hands and even heads to get their treats! As for the elephants… that muddy look is exactly what they're after. Apparently it helps them with skin pests and it's built-in behavior. At the zoo they've got water and they've got dirt and they do the rest themselves. Maybe the mud just fills in the wrinkles, I dunno. — JG

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