7 comments on “Moon with a view

  1. Hopefully you will some day get to look through the eyepiece yourself. The view is amazing… it even makes the usually boring full Moon interesting and beautiful to look at. — JG

  2. Thanks. I'm very pleased with how these came out. I've seen good results from others holding a relatively simple camera to the eyepiece of a telescope but I'd never done it myself. The huge diameter of the eyepiece made aligning the camera pretty easy and the brightness of the Moon allowed a high shutter speed. Holding the camera perpendicular to the image plane, however, was the trick! — JG

  3. Hi Dan: A tripod might help but, because the Moon appears to move the telescope is also moving. The best way to get good focus and a flat plane is to use an apparatus that, one way or another, mates the camera to the telescope focuser/eyepiece. (One system attaches the camera lens to the eyepiece — not good for all-in-one cameras with retracting lenses like the FinePix S7000. Another device clamps on to the telescope on one end and attaches to the camera's tripod socket at the other.) Even with the plane a bit off, this is possibly the best image I've yet made of the Moon. I'm thinking about getting one of those telescope to camera mount rigs, though! –JG

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