4 comments on “Sunday travels

  1. I'm pretty sure some of our farm vehicles were over 200,000 miles! When things went wrong my father would "tinker" until it was fixed. Many cars now are so "computerised" I don't think that is possible. It must have been neat to get a photo as the number clicked over!

  2. Amazing the farm vehicles were driven 200,000 miles! Usually they seem not to travel very far but those real utility vehicles get hard use. Of course, Australia's a pretty big place and I suppose your father had to travel a good distance to get from here to there. I remember a time when my dad came in, exasperated. He couldn't work on his cars any more… the "black boxes" had taken over to the point where mechanical talent, a screw driver, and a good set of wrenches just didn't cut it. The Photo? We were very lucky in that were traveling a series of curves when the odometer hit the magic number. For quite some time the sun was not lighting the dial. The car turned in just the right direction a few moments before the mileage changed to 100001 allowing my wife to catch the 100 grand. Come to think of it, 100001 is pretty cool, too! — JG

  3. Some of our vehicles were probably 15-20 years old so that might explain the large numbers. You just drove them until they died. They would be unregistered once they became "unroadworthy" but our farm was nearly 3,000 acres so there was quite a bit to drive around rounding up cows & sheep, moving irrigation pipes etc. Ah… the good old days! You have brought back some good memories!

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