3 comments on “It’s my birfday

  1. I always knew the fireworks were for you, but I thought the flags had something to do with Uncle Sam…. hummm. Your dinner sounds delicious!
    We hope to see WALL-E this week. Nathan really loved it.
    Hope your birthday was fab!

  2. I was under the impression that all of the July Fourth festivities were on account of me. Uncle… ?When you go to watch WALL-E be sure to keep an eye out for a lot of little surprises… "Easter Eggs" often visible away from the central action. You'll see bits and pieces from previous Pixar films including Rex the toy dinosaur from Toy Story. Also listen to the sound character Eve makes when she reboots! Apple users get that one instantly! There's so much going on I think you'd have to watch it several times to have a chance at catching everything. Something for just about everyone but I think there's more than usual in this one for techies.Mom really wants to see WALL-E also so I hope she gets to go soon.

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