2 comments on “Clouds, blooms, and beetles

  1. What a pretty beetle – I only seem to have aphids and some nocturnal "bugs" on my plants!! I have picked up, and relocated, a few stray turtles (not since I have been in DC though!) – they can give off a nasty smell when they are frightened which tends to linger in the car! I love the soup bowls at Panera – that scooped out sourdough is fabulous.Ah yes, Observing and the weather! Every 6 months the telescope schedules come out for Hawaii, Chile, Australia (the ones my husband observes on) – that time is so precious and it really sucks to get a patch of bad weather – especially if your run is only a couple of nights.

  2. We probably wouldn't think the beetle so pretty if we kept roses –the Japanese beetle is the rose gardener's enemy– but the one in the picture isn't on a rose bush so feel free to enjoy!Our male box turtle wasn't happy about being carried around but didn't produce any odor we detected. Your rescues were probably a different specie. Our big guy just kept clawing, pushing to get away!Weather turned out just fine for our Open Night! Amazingly the sky began clearing just after I opened the dome and began clouding up just after I closed for the night! Solid overcast by midnight! If only I could make that a dependable arrangement. I don't have to reserve time on our little telescope and I don't have research that depends upon a schedule that can be defeated by the weather. I'm sure your "Astrodweeb" gets knots in his stomach whenever bad weather threatens his efforts… I sure do and, as I said, I've got way less at peril. — JG

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