3 comments on “Mists, birds, and rainbow webs

  1. Thanks, Jeff. All summer we see a lot of Great Blue Herons in Northeastern Ohio. Once in a while we also spot snowy egrets. Great Blues are very impressive to watch and when they fly they put me in mind of how pterosaurs ("pterodactyls") may have looked in prehistoric skies. Even the heron's "graack" call sounds like it belongs in Jurassic Park. I've even seen one or two of them as they've caught fish. I expect soon birds will vacate our lakes, too, but until then I'm enjoying the show. — JG

  2. I played the golf course in Lynn where my dad works. The course abuts both the Lynn Reservoir and the Lynn Woods reservation, so birds flock to it. We saw a couple of beautiful blue herons, but since I was golfing I hadn't brought my camera gear. I'll get out there next summer and rent a cart for some wildlife photos

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