5 comments on “A pleasant afternoon in Berea

  1. That does sound like a pleasant day out – though I prefer to get out early and then loll about in the afternoon. Love the photo of the turtles – what's with the odd one out! LOL.

  2. I guess our inverse order of things today had more to do with easing into the day than good sense concerning the weather! Sill it worked out just fine for us and it was a good day. "Old Lettuce Back" –the turtle– looks to have surfaced under some of the algae mat and carried it on his back. Or maybe it's an attempt at turtle camouflage. — JG

  3. I especially liked the turtles as well. We got torrential rains at about 3:00 today. We went to a family get-together which was supposed to be at a pond but was in their home instead. Very nice day to be indoors I'd say! The ice cream sounds great. We had Hagen-Das on Thursday!

  4. Ike passed through your area with wind and rain but the rain missed us entirely — we're dry! The wind, however, kicked up a few times and power was flickering off and on. I think the worst has already passed but I'll bet we reached the maximum gusts of 50 – 60 MPH as predicted. There are lots of leaves and dead wood from trees scattered about. Hope you enjoyed the get-together. — JG

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