4 comments on “111111-01-01-09

  1. Very cool about your odometer and the date. Almost eerie in way. When you were a kid, did you ever think of dates in the 2000's? I didn't. It still seems strange that NEXT year will be 2010, like the novel. Just seems surreal somehow.

  2. When I was a little kid I really didn't think too much about dates and
    years. I still don't for that matter. If left alone, I'd probably
    not even know my own age! I'd probably be better off for, in that case,
    ignorance might be bliss. As for the significance of the 2000s… I do remember thinking, after watching 2001: A Space Odyssey (when it was new) that I wouldn't be all that old when 2001 actually rolled around. Like the flying cars, I occasionally wonder where HAL is but his absence may be for the better. If HAL worked for the likes of the government, well, he'd really have gone insane a long time ago! And think of it: in the original film and follow-on book, people went to Jupiter (or Saturn in the original story) and did it again in 2010 with stops possible on a luxurious space station and at a permanent Moon base. And the space shuttle was on a regular Pan Am flight schedule. Where are those things? Don't blame Pan Am. We've got a space station that has to prove its worth, a space shuttle that is too dangerous to use, no way to even get to the Moon much less Jupiter. Oh now you've gone and got me started! This should've been a post, not a reply. Sorry……

  3. Can't blame Pan Am. They went out of business! They might have been able to make a go of it had they scheduled those flights into space!

  4. Yeah, I know Pan Am is gone… at least from the airline business. Turns out they bought the Guilford Rail System in New England in 2007, I think, and now their logo is plastered all over box cars and the like. No Moon trips for them!

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