2 comments on “Carbonite customer service?

  1. Hi James,

    Sorry about that – Vox cut off most of the text of my reply. I'm sorry to hear about your recent difficulty in communicating with Customer support. Our weekend hours are posted on our website, but for convenience they are 12pm to 4pm Eastern time on Saturday and Sunday for chat and phone.

    We are currently building a new knowlege base for our website that will make information easier to find, so hopefully in the future you'll be able to find the answers you need, hours of operation, etc. more easily.


    Len Pallazola
    Manager, Customer Service Systems
    Carbonite, Inc.

  2. Len: I sincerely hope support will be easier to find and receive in future. The issue we suffered was fairly severe though it had a documented, albeit obscure, solution. Many users would not have been able to recover use of their computers by themselves if they could even determine where the problem lay. As I searched for an answer I came across your postings on several forums and blogs and, since you found mine, believe that you regularly patrol looking for mentions of Carbonite. I have yet, however, to receive any reply at all in response to my emailed request for support (via your site's Web form). I no longer need a reply but the experience reinforces what others observed: Carbonite does not reliably respond to emailed support requests. The whole experience shakes my confidence in Carbonite's service.

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