2 comments on “Mozy it is!

  1. I recommend IDrive (www.idrive.com) for online backup. One thing users need to understand about "unlimited" backup offers like Mozy is that there's always a catch… most often, the speeds at which you can backup your data are artificially capped or limited, so backups take longer. IDrive can utilize the full speed of your broadband connection and has been proven to be significantly faster, incredibly reliable and quite popular. You can get a 2GB subscription for FREE or get 150GB for $4.95/mo (or $49.50/yr).Robert HainesBusiness Development Manager – IDrive

  2. Thanks, Robert. Unfortunately I was looking only at the highest-ranked online backup services in several reviews and even that was a daunting task. Had I known the details of IDrive I may very well have gone with your service. Oddly, however, for such an important feature as higher data transfer rates, I can't seem to find reference to it on IDrive's Web site! Certainly I don't like paying extra for faster data transfer since I'm already paying my ISP for broadband. I have, however, already paid my $50 to Mozy for a year in advance. Mozy's a good service, so far as I can tell, but S-L-O-W (as, apparently, are most online services) unless you sign up for Mozy's "Pro" plan which would cost me way more than $50 per year. Perhaps I'll shop around again in 2010…..

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