6 comments on “Snow Day

  1. When I saw the road and footpath this morning – covered in ice that an ice rink would be proud of – I seriously thought about taking a vacation day. Instead I took a 2-hour delay at home. I suspect tomorrow morning might be nearly as bad. I love walking in snow but I am terrified of ice.

  2. As much trouble and work our snow was today, I was happy it wasn't the equivalent amount of moisture as ice! We avoided an ice storm here, up north, but a few tens of miles south of us they got sleet and freezing rain. — JG

  3. Looks familiar. We didn't get a foot all at once but probably have a foot total because our snow, like yours has not melted this month.

  4. Thanks. I've been meaning to compliment you on your photos –both new and from your "archives"– both for their beauty and documentary qualities.

  5. I think the next step (this weekend) will be compaction then re-freezing. Well, I guess it's prettier than the brown goo and flotsam we'll find when the whole lot melts away!

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