7 comments on “Plans, trains, and automobiles

  1. We thought we wanted a Fit until we drove the Honda SI. The Fit has a small engine and not enough "pep" for long highway journeys. If we were getting a car for commuting, flitting around town, or taking short trips we may have gotten the Fit. Our next vehicle will likely be a Mini Cooper.Ben would like the train. Think we would as well!

  2. The smallish engine of the Fit is the major concern I have about that car. My Coupe gets very good mileage with a somewhat larger engine and is adequate to our needs so we really aren't looking for a performance car. The Mini Cooper Clubman has the cargo space we'd like but costs as much as a Prius or even a Ford Escape Hybrid and doesn't deliver hybrid car mileage. I've seen quite a few reviews that seem to indicate the '09 Fit has been tweaked a bit for better performance and drive but, as I said, the proof will be in the test drive: a blast on to the freeway, a tough hill climb, and town driving over less-than-perfect streets. If we didn't need the cargo capacity I don't think I'd hesitate getting another Civic.

  3. Interesting! The Clubman looked like a very good car (actually saw one in a parking lot yesterday) and is highly rated by Consumer Reports. We were put off by the fact that there is only one dealership in the Greater Cleveland Area and it is quite distant from us. I also read that it requires premium-grade fuel — what it saves in use of fuel it makes up for in requiring the most expensive grade. The cargo area looks a bit small, but easily accessable through its two rear loading doors. I'm a bit surprised by its being under-powered but that's good to know. Thanks! — JG

  4. Thanks, Jack. My brother owns a MINI Cooper (not the Clubman) and loves the thing. His gas mileage is much better than with his previous vehicle –a Ford pickup truck– so he's happy. The pickup and the MINI's internal space were important for him… he needed room for travel with his big dogs. — JG

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