9 comments on “Honda Fit test drive

  1. The things you mentioned were also our experience trying the Fit except we felt the small engine was at it's peak on the freeway. We knew we would be making long trips and found the engine power in our SI far superior in addition to the cabin space and comfort. The Fit's ride is indeed "stiff" and we also felt the interior was not as aesthetically pleasing, in other words, it looked a bit "plastic" to us.I'm excited to hear what you thing of the Insight. Do tell!

  2. I pretty much agree with what you say about the Fit though I'm a bit less critical. I'm excited at the prospect of trying out the new Insight this week. They're supposed to show up at our dealership today or tomorrow and, we were told, several already have been purchased! — JG

  3. Ha! Marketed to old ladies! Very funny. Are you trying to destroy Honda's entire US advertising campaign? LOL. Thanks for the interesting comment about the narrowness of the Fit. I wasn't particularly bothered by the width of the cabin but I have someone else to please. So in New Zealand what cars are most sold to young people? — Just curious, I'm no "kid" but I do like sportier cars. — JG

  4. Interesting indeed! Marketeers… if you're a business owner you hope they know what they're doing. Funny… I saw someone on the highway this morning driving along in her shiny new Honda Fit. Glancing at the driver as I passed, I noted the distinct grayness of her hair! I test drive the new Honda Insight this Friday. I can hardly wait. — JG

  5. Let me know how the Insight goes—the car looks great, the room looks pretty good as well. I was watching the Fits here after our comments above and saw someone who was not an old lady drive one! It was an old man!

  6. Jack — We took the test drive (first customers to try one at our dealership) and loved the Insight! In fact we purchased one. Check out my blog entry for details on the drive. It's a terrific, practical car that's fun to drive. — JG

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