6 comments on “Our next car…

  1. SO VERY EXCITING! I can't wait to try it! You WILL let me try it won't you? If I'm nice and say "pretty please?" I'm really happy for you. Did you trade-in her car for the new one?

  2. Well, little one, we shall see about your request. We have found a private buyer for the 1997 Civic; it's going to a very good new home. I'll be selling my 2002 to She Who Must Be Obeyed for a princely sum which I have been trying to escalate. I don't think I'll succeed beyond $5 and a kiss on the cheek. Shucks!

  3. Well, Dude, thanks! I'm not so much a "car guy" and so reviewing them is foreign to me. The day-to-day mileage started out 48 MPG "real world." Now I'm not sure whether the car has "broken in" itself or (more likely) is training the driver, but I am now getting 50+ MPG on a regular basis. The Insight, in Econ Mode, changes its performance program and offers cues and recognition of good driver behavior — slower acceleration, easy braking, etc. I've found I watch those cues and respond to them so that this week, on my regular commute, I was nearing 54 MPG which is way beyond anything Honda claims. Best mileage is around 45 MPH, steady, on flat to rolling terrain; hills knock down fuel economy significantly as they drain the IMA battery and put large demands on the small gasoline engine. As to driving, it's a Honda and drives like one though steering is quick and easy. The ride is firm but comfortable. I also love the tight turning radius — something I missed with the 2002 Civic EX Coupe. — JG

  4. That some great Fuel Economy numbers for a $20k car! I really like the look of the Insight. And Honda is so smart to offer it at a cheap price. I now hear there will be a Fit Hybrid coming to America too! It should cost less than the current Insight….and it will have a puny 1 liter hybrid engine. But thats still great news.

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