6 comments on “It’s spring, and this isn’t a car blog.

  1. Wow – you have flowers? I have shoots coming out of the ground but no-where near anything flowering (except the orchid I have inside).

  2. Yes, Emjay, though tonight a mixture of rain and snow is falling on
    those tough little plants, we have blooms, glorious blooms I tell you!
    The crocuses have come and gone, followed by the little gems seen here.
    The daffodils will begin blooming in force during the coming week. The
    birds are singing their springtime songs. There's hope for warmth and
    beauty not long ahead. — JG

  3. Really beautiful! Our daffodils are ready to bloom, probably tomorrow or Thursday. I need to clean out the flower beds before the hostas come up very far.

  4. Our daffodils are at about the same stage as yours. The budding tips of the flower stems are becoming brighter yellow by the day. — JG

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