7 comments on “3 Hondas 3

  1. Well, Jack, I don't know how thrilled Honda is but they have earned our loyalty. Over the years we have seen their good quality improve with each car better than its predecessor. When I first began driving one could expect a domestic car to last from three to five years. Exceeding 100,000 miles was so rare that some odometers (to my recollection) did not go over five digits. To think our little 1990 Civic Hatchback (now belonging to someone else) is closing in on 20 years of age and probably exceeded 200,000 miles… yes, we've pretty much bought into that! — JG

  2. Hi Jack, Yes, we hope it's at least as good as previous Honda products. I had not seen anything written about the fact that a good portion of the body isn't sheet metal but a plastic or composite material! I'm seeking more details on construction. — JG

  3. I don't know if "angular" is quite the right word, Su, but the car is beautifully sculpted –form follows function and all that– and does cut a good figure. We noticed, driving today, that there's not a lot of wind noise in the cabin with the passenger-side window down. I attribute that to good airflow around the car. Hopefully you'll see this one soon! — JG

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