6 comments on “Schrodinger’s bumper sticker

  1. Ha! I guess it's a perception thing. I saw it right away because I was looking for ALIVE/DEAD and got a kick out of the fact that what I saw shifted with what I was thinking. It really kind of illustrates Schrödinger’s thought experiment! — JG

  2. I have learned something, James, as I didn’t know who Schrödinger was or the experiment. I’ve now looked it up and admit it’s very clever. But I still see adleiavde—I really have to force myself to see the two words. Su, maybe your colleague and I have a brain that works similarly on these perception puzzles.

  3. Fascinating! I think I've read about this sort of thing –different people seeing/reading the same thing differently– but I'm not sure what it means. For me, the first thing I saw was "ALIVE". Knowing the trick, however, I alternate between seeing ALIVE and DEAD. Whatever it is, it feeds my interest in human perception. — JG

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