4 comments on “Feelin’ crappy

  1. I swear by Zinc gluconate when a cold or flu threatens. I am also a huge believer in cranberry juice. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions. Scientific research is uncertain on how or whether zinc treatment is effective against colds –too many variables, I'd say– but there's enough anecdotal evidence that says it's worth a shot. Besides, even if there's a positive placebo effect, I'll take that and be happy! Cranberry? Again, worth a shot and tasty besides. — JG

  3. Been around any pigs of late? No, not library patrons! Well actually…Seriously, hope you feel better very soon! A lot of people around here are ill as well. Seems late in the year for such things.

  4. Feeling a little better, in some ways, today, thank you. A bit more energy and the throat is a little less sore. Throat irritation is now trying to move up into the nasal passages and become a head cold. Better, I guess, than becoming a chest cold and no, I have no associates of the porcine variety… at least none with four legs. –JG

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