7 comments on “Seeking Uncle Albert

  1. Your age? Maybe yes, maybe no. Exactly how much time have you been spending in travel at relativistic speeds while I've been sitting here watching the Three Stooges? — JG

  2. I remember the movie, "IQ" quite well (an OK romance) and Matthau's was the best portrayal of Einstein that I've ever seen. Maybe people who work at McDonald's restaurants don't know famous physicists of the early 20th century. I guess it's really not a job requirement. Odd, though, that Ronald McDonald and Albert Einstein have essentially the same hair style. Be that as it may, it's sad and a little scary that the world's most famous genius is being forgotten. Worse still, I'm still without my bobbleheads! I'm going back to my corner…. — JG

  3. LOL … no, he was referring to you being the same age as us. This is a subject we often discuss when we see news casts full of Hollywood people instead of a focus on some important discovery/person.

  4. Still looking! It's almost a test, now, of cultural and historical awareness… how will McDonald's staff react if I ask for the Einstein Happy Meal toy? — JG

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