2 comments on “Save Ohio’s libraries!

  1. I added my email to the 15,000+ the Governor and Representatives received last Monday. It's difficult to believe they are even CONSIDERING cutting libraries and Medicaid in these tough times. Let's just kick the little guy after we cut off his legs then! Sheesh!

  2. I can understand that, when the state's budget is way out of whack, many things need to be cut back. But it's not like this is the first time. Politicians are seemingly unaware of the value of a library to its community and how citizens love and depend upon them for so much. In Ohio they have been trimming support steadily over many years now. We have reached a critical point, in some cases, where any more cuts will mean the extinction of some libraries. Believe it or not, folks, a great many members of the general public are not ready to shift all of their entertainment and information needs to Netflix, Amazon, Google, and high-speed Internet –which they probably don't have– and will be harmed by loss of library services. {Whew!} Thanks for your support, Su! — JG

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