4 comments on “Doing purrfectly well

  1. Tasha is a gorgeous looking cat. Her eyes are truly beautiful. I'm glad to read she is doing well. How many teeth will she have left on the top? Will she have trouble eating hard stuff? Do cats get implants? (sorry if that is a silly question).

  2. Tasha is beautiful, and a real sweetie when not around other cats! She was a rescue that we adopted… her story too sad to relate. There are now only two teeth in the upper jaw — the canines (fangs). The vet says cats and dogs, after healing, are often able to manage hard foods either by gulping their food –which they frequently do anyway– or by adapting to using remaining teeth to crush food against a toothless jaw! We'll see how she fares in the food department but won't try dry food for probably another week. I suppose cats can get implants though I've not heard of it and it's probably not at all necessary. — JG

  3. Gosh! I had no idea! Poor Tasha! Good to hear she is recovering so nicely. Hope she will do well from now on. What about her lower teeth? Do they think those will go bad as well?

  4. We had no idea, either! As I said, even the vet was surprised. Tasha's still doing well, now off all related medication, and eating canned food in place of her kibble. She has now taken a fancy to soft treats, so we can be especially nice to her. I need to consult with the vet again but I think two weeks may offer enough healing time before we try crunchy foods. Lower teeth? Depends a lot on precisely the cause of the infection in the upper jaw. I think the whole situation bears closer attention going forward. — JG

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