4 comments on “PowerShot dinner

  1. I love my Power Shot. I have the SD850. I sometimes have problems with the digital macro – but that is more user error than the camera.

  2. The A650 seems to be a very good little camera and I even like the way it feels in my hand –many small cameras don't feel right to me– though it doesn't like to talk to my computer. Haven't tried the macro function yet and I don't usually use or like composing with the LCD panel instead of viewfinder. Old-fashioned, I guess. — JG

  3. Thanks for the compliment! I found myself getting into it just looking for test subjects. The backlit building with flag really surprised me! Looking at the full-size image you can even see puckering in the seams between the stripes of the US flag. I've put that camera up for sale, though, and will buy something else if it sells… and if it doesn't sell then, hey, I've got a very good tiny camera! — JG

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