6 comments on “Trying out the PowerShot A650 IS

  1. Lovely shot – it almost wouldn't matter what camera you were using. That's a great piece of cat furniture, by the way.The fuzziness… Don't forget the sensor is about half the area of your little finger-nail. Plus, all those whiskers and fine hairs, light on dark, the mesh screen in the window are all pretty much worst-case subjects for digital cameras (hence the magenta-green waves throughout those areas).But still, a great little thing to have in your pocket.

  2. No, I've heard about the legendary G9 and held one in the camera shop. Can't justify the bucks, however, as any photography money would go straight to either more quality lenses or an upgraded camera body. I believe you're a Nikon shooter but have you seen the Canon 5D Mark II ? C'est magnifique! — JG

  3. Hey, Spike! Thanks for the compliment. I'm actually liking that picture more and more myself! The cat tree is not the grandest we've owned but it has been popular amongst the felines. Yes, tiny sensors… it's amazing, when you think about it, just what we're doing now in electronic imaging. The interference patterns in the screen aren't readily visible until you look at the full-size image and are a mixture of attractive, distracting, and annoying. Yes, I think this will be a good camera to carry when I don't want to lug the SLR. — JG

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