4 comments on “Schrödinger’s lunchbox, and I’m purring

  1. Obviously Get Fuzzy is one of my faves as well.Could you moisten her dry food so it gets soft? I know it's alright for them to swallow it whole but really, it seems it would be difficult to digest. Perhaps not though. I'm not sure how much crunching my cats do before swallowing either. Glad she's doing well.

  2. I actually thought to do that but Tasha doesn't seem to need the dry food moistened. Besides, it won't keep as well or as long when dampened. So long as she can manage it, I'm okay and judging by her feeding time purring, she's okay as well! — JG

  3. So glad to hear that. You are right, of course, about the food not keeping as long. It would smell nasty as well!

  4. Listening to Tasha eat this morning, I believe I heard the beginnings
    of food crunshes. Dr. B. said that cats and dogs can also get to the
    point where they can use their remaining teeth to press food chunks
    against the toothless jaw and crunch them there. We may be seeing that.
    At any rate, she's eating well and seems happier than before the
    dentistry. — JG

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