3 comments on “Moonset and my little camera

  1. I repeat myself also when I rave about my PowerShot – and so much lighter than the DSLR (also a Canon in my case). The manservant is playing astro-dweeb in Hawaii – with hurricane Felicia heading towards them their seeing is sure to deteriorate.

  2. I'm feeling disloyal, somehow, to my trusty (and much larger) Fuji FinePix S7000. This PowerShot, though. I was, and still am, thinking about getting the PowerShot G10 but the A650 is so good I don't know yet if I'd gain that much!I'm guessing he's at Mona Kea. Whoa! Must be nice. Felicia looks pretty big on the IR satellite. Is "manservant" going to hunker down there if the storm tracks as predicted?

  3. They actually observe remotely from Waimea now – so it won't be as bad as being stranded at altitude. Felicia is likely to ruin a few nights for them though.

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