3 comments on “Pleasant afternoon waiting for meteors

  1. It was too cloudy here last night to see the show (assuming we managed to get away from the light). It looks as though it is going to be cloudy again tonight. I hope you have clear skies.

  2. Too bad, too light! The site I went to was assigned by the Park District for our cooperative Perseids Watch event. Unfortunately the sky glow from nearby cities was quite bad. The unlit park was illuminated as if by twilight at 11:30 PM. Unfortunate because the seeing conditions were otherwise good… directly overhead the Milky Way was visible with traces of dust lanes. I did see two or three really good meteors, however, which was a better show than I enjoy with most meteor showers. — JG

  3. A few years ago we got up around 3am and walked from where we were then living to a park. We lay down on park benches and just watched the sky for an hour – even with the light it was quite wonderful. BTW – the hurricane that was aiming for Hawaii disintegrated and changed direction. The astro-dweeb got his full component of nights in. As you say every night is really valuable.

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