3 comments on “Sun(flowers) up, telescope drying

  1. Andy left our house at midnight and drove out to the miniature airfield on the edge of town (Co Rd 13) and got a fantastic view from there. At the end of his evening he also witnessed a large meteor which lasted about 1/4 of the way across the sky.Wish I could've seen it as well. I'm too old and lazy to do so. Husband and I did go out in the cul du sac for awhile before 11:00 but were "only" treated to beautiful views of stars, planets, and a bit of the Milky Way. Beautiful regardless of the lack of meteors.

  2. Gorgeous sunflower. I threw some seeds in our garden but they didn't come up (or they did and I didn't notice before something ate them). Your dining room table looks like mine does sometimes – though we do not have a telescope it often has other instruments of astronomy on it.

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