4 comments on “Camera good; software not.

  1. On the contrary, whilst a plain untextured surface can make noise more noticable, unless you run high black levels (i.e. clip the shadows considerably) you'll always find more noise in dark areas. However, expose to the right and become proficient in noise reduction techniques and in a tight pinch you should be able to use the ISO3200.Enjoy learning all the benefits of your new camera!

  2. The target wall and clock weren't actually white and light fall-off to medium shadow really did give me some idea of what noise might be seen under "normal" low-light conditions. Shooting a much darker target, I saw pretty much the same levels so I'm fairly sure I learned what I was after in that quick experiment. I do shoot night sky and nighttime scenes, however, and know that's where the serious noise begins… long exposures and dark expanses really show the hot pixels and noise! Thanks for the observation and referral. Gorgeous shots on your Vox pages, by the way! — JG

  3. I've seen real-world images from the 5D shot in a dimly-lit restaurant — gorgeous! Looked like a great film image. I just couldn't really justify the $2,500 price tag — reasonable, I know, for that full-frame wonder but too much for me! The 50D is a big step up for me, however, and it really looks promising. Shot my first field photos this afternoon and started climbing the learning curve so I'll soon see how good it really is. I always expect a software upgrade to bring good things. I don't know why… it's often pain upgrades deliver instead. — JG

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