4 comments on “Moondance

  1. I like the dark rays coming from the moon. Is that a feature of the lens, or have you done a bit of processing? (I'm guessing it's not a starburst filter, because Jupiter doesn't have them.)

  2. Yeah, what you're seeing is an artifact from the lens, not a filter or
    Photoshop effect. The original image was only cropped a bit and
    exposure slightly adjusted in software. I was fascinated by the gaps in the lunar
    "halo" myself and like the unexpected appearance. I uploaded the image
    from a remote location and will be adding the EXIF data later so I
    can't even say what the exposure was… just that it was 30 seconds or
    less. You can also see a big lens flare directly under Jupiter. — JG (revised comment from Sept. 4)

  3. Outside of the Moon's glare, the sky was pretty dark down to about tree level where a nearby town glows. Changing the exposure of my picture reveals some stars made it into the picture! I guess the keys were: lengthy exposure, tripod, clear dark sky. Thanks for the compliment! — JG

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