5 comments on “Snow and ice in ever-growing heaps

  1. Besides the icicles, the fine-needled evergreen trees have been the prettiest sights lately — their delicate brush fingers hold a light dusting of snow giving the trees a frosty appearance. Fortunately the temperature is holding in the mid- to upper-20s (F) so we're feeling fairly snug in our house. Much colder weather and the electric heat pump has to struggle to warm the place.

  2. The icicles are so lovely – a frozen waterfall.
    The photos look positively exotic. It's 70 degrees over here; we might get some rain over the weekend.

  3. Oh – if you lived near me I would be training my camera on your house like I do on my across-the-alley neighbours. They have an amazing "fall" of ice on the back of their house. Your roof and walk is very pretty.

  4. I saw the image you posted on your Vox blog! Made no comment but that's one huge collection of ice! Our icing is thickening tonight –freezing rain– so tomorrow should bring interesting sidewalk acrobatics and possibly interesting and beautiful sights all around. — JG

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