5 comments on “Ice house

  1. I am sorry you did not get your project completed. Glad you had a few good days though. I love the ice house and am searching my mind to see if I have ever heard of an ice house before.

  2. It really is cute, isn't it. I'm not, however, certain of its origins or authenticity. It seems to me it's too small to be a true ice house. The block above the door with "ICE" carved into its face looks out of proportion to the rest of the place as do the door hinges. Still, it's cute and rustic and even picturesque… I like it. — JG

  3. I was really feeling low when I wrote the post; as if the entire week had been a waste. It really wasn't bad. Just having our little cat experience suffering was a "downer." Ice houses? Back in the good old days, ice would be harvested (cut into blocks) from rivers, ponds, and lakes during the winter; those blocks were then stored packed in straw inside thick-walled buildings. With a sufficient mass of ice in a well-insulated facility, ice for refrigeration (as in home ice boxes) could be distributed into the warmer months. See Wikipedia article. — JG

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