5 comments on “A terrible, rocky night.

  1. Oh, I am so sorry. When our pets are miserable, we are miserable. Our dog had the same type of symptoms, but her stomach skin turned dark. Ended up she has some kind of yeast infection and we have to use a special shampoo and she had meds. But it still is a bit of a problem. It seems hard to beat it completely. I hope your treatments are more successful. I can't wait to see your pictures of your wet cat! Cats look so pitiful when they are wet, don't they!

  2. Poor little one. I'm no expert, and unfortunately I don't own a cat, but it sounds like you hit upon the right solution. (did the vet take a sample of Tasha's skin, observe it under the microscope, etc.?)

  3. Our vet was very thorough (and costly) but was unable to find direct evidence of infestation –no "bugs," no excretions from bugs– so had to act on the most likely causes. Efforts included microscopic examination from some fur samples he removed. We'll see how it goes over the next days and weeks! Hopefully we'll all get some relief. — JG

  4. The shampoo has helped more than anything else we've tried. Tasha's still a bit itchy but way better and obviously more comfortable
    than before. Dr. G. and we are very encouraged. Tasha will get regular shampooing over the next six weeks or so with decreasing frequency. Next "salon treatment" is tomorrow night! — JG

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