5 comments on “It’s good to have our cat back.

  1. Glad you got your project finished and that your cat is doing better. I know how horrible it can be when a pet continually scratches and licks. Our dogs has done some of that and we had to do the baths and medication. Good to see your cat back watching the birds out the window!! A very good sign 😉

  2. Thanks! The Calendar is the biggest we've published — more events and more pages than ever. Whew! Tasha isn't quite back to normal but she's way better off than she was. If you saw her in person, you'd see the "divots" in her coat where she removed patches. Sad to see. — JG

  3. I'm sure you know about pets compulsively scratching themselves and, as a caring person, to be in agony over your animal's torment. We're hoping the current treatments will fix this problem — kitty really was suffering. — JG

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