4 comments on “First flower

  1. I was amazed at what happened in this photo. I didn't do a bunch of Photoshop manipulation and the color just pops. Thanks for your appreciation. This morning I had the luxury of being at home for a few hours and spent a little time with Tasha. I'm still quite worried but, watching her, she went about her business watching birds, snoozing, sampling her food and often purring whilst doing those things. Hard to tell about purrs… they make us feel good, and they are said to make cats feel better through self-comfort. So was she purring because she's feeling good or because she's not. Just one more mystery about cats, I guess. — JG

  2. I understand what you mean. I picked up on the fact that Starbuck was ill before anyone else did. Just little changes. Not to say that Tasha won't bounce back but often the ones that are closest to the pet and know their behaviors are the first to notice subtle changes. I am pulling for her!

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